; Name, Width, Height. ; Credits line. ; Registration code (if you have it). ; Optional URL link when the applet is "clicked". ; Reglink opened in new frame ? ; Name of new frame for reglink. ; Statusbar message. ; Resolution (1-8). ; Text file name to scroll. ; Font name ; Font bold style ("yes" or "no") ; Font italic style ("yes" or "no") ; Font size. ; Text color. ; Text far color. ; Used to center the text. ; Loop the text on/off. ; Time between a loop and another. ; Scroll speed. orig 50 ; Space between a line and another. ; Text distance from the screen. ; How much zoom the text. ; The angle for the text. ; Change the text angle ("yes" or "no") ; The angle changing speed. ; The angle changing min value. ; The angle changing max value. ; Stop text when mouse is over the applet ("yes" or "no") ; The number of stars to draw. ; Use different sizes for the stars. ; Set the max pixels size. ; Stars color. ; Stars far color. ; Stars speed. ; Smooth the stars colors ("yes","no"). ; Stars distance from the screen. ; Stars max z distance value. ; Stars rotation angle. ; Background image or "NO" ; Background color. ; Optional image over applet. ; Over image X offset ; Over image Y offset ; Memory deallocation delay. ; Task priority (1..10). ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync. votre navigateur supporte-t-il Java ?. ; Message for no java browsers.
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